Data Center Decommission

data centre

The Client

A nationwide financial institution with multiple data centers.

Business Challenge

The client needed to shut down redundant data centers and reallocate equipment to reduce costs.

They required a decommission solution that would:

  • Ensure all closures met regulatory requirement mandates that all data be destroyed prior to assets leaving the facility
  • Recoup as much value as possible from de-installed equipment
  • Reallocate equipment and restructure centers over a three-year period

The Ingram Micro Lifecycle Solution

We utilized our expertise in data center decommissioning projects to dispatch an experienced team to each client location to:

  • De-install all equipment
  • Erase data from all servers onsite
  • Pack and securely transport the servers to the nearest Processing Center

Once the servers arrived at one of our Processing Centers, we assessed each asset against client redeployment needs and remarketing value to:

  • Refurbish servers with residual value then redeploy them or route them through the appropriate remarketing channels to ensure the best possible financial return for the client
  • Demanufacture end-of-life servers in compliance with e-Stewards standards then recycle all materials

Why the Client Chose Our Solution

The client selected us based on our ability to quickly mobilize onsite de-installation teams across the country to erase hard drives onsite and meet individual location time constraints. The client also recognized our remarketing expertise for data center equipment and valued our program management, tracking, and reporting capabilities so they had ongoing insight into project progress and results

Key Solution Benefits

  • Onsite decommission and consolidation services provided to over 85 locations
  • Deinstalled, repaired, and redeployed over 75,000 servers
  • Erased over 150,000 drives onsite, at multiple client locations
  • Saved the client over $30 Million by refurbishing and redeploying asset

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