ITAD Logistics Solution

Ingram Micro ITAD truck

The Client

An insurance company with a mixture of large primary offices and smaller satellite locations distributed around the U.S.

Business Challenge

With over 2000 locations in the U.S., the client required a solution that would reduce ITAD program logistics costs. The solution needed to:

  • Accommodate small volume of assets per pickup
  • Meet or exceed strict insurance industry regulatory requirements around data security
  • Reduce internal administrative costs 

The Ingram Micro Lifecycle Solution

Ingram Micro utilized a national network of processing and logistic facilities to reduce shipping distances and costs. This distributed model created the ability to:

  • Economically handle average pickups of fewer than 10 assets
  • Track all assets through the purpose-developed BlueIQ asset intelligence system
  • Provide data erasure and destruction services with detailed reporting for all media devices

Once end-of-life assets arrived at an ITAD processing center, each unit was assessed against the remarketing technology cut-line and:

  • Assets with remarketing value were refurbished and routed through multiple remarketing channels ensuring the best possible return for each asset
  • Demanufactured and recycled assets without value in compliance with e-Stewards standards

Why the Client Chose Our Solution

Ingram Micro listened to the client and developed a flexible approach to accommodate the widely varying quantities across locations. Data collection capabilities through the BlueIQ system and robust reporting through the Client Web Portal made it easy for the client to request pickups and monitor progress.

Key Solution Benefits

  • The program reduced overall logistics costs by 75%
  • 10,000+ assets were processed in the first year
  • Over 2,000 separate client locations were serviced
  • Program efficiency also reduced the client’s internal administration costs

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