A circular economy requires partnerships. Ingram Micro Lifecycle helps companies reach their sustainability targets and enable their ESG initiatives.

What is Circularity?

Circularity, or a circular economy, is one of the proposed solutions to the challenges of waste and reducing natural resources. A circular economy aims to reintroduce electronics at the end of their life back into the supply chain, prolonging their lifecycles, and putting off a finite trip to the landfill.

How We Got Here

The shift from linear economies is driven by issues arising where consumer demand and consumer waste correlate, and skyrocket.

E-waste, the world’s fastest growing waste stream, poses extreme threats to the overall health of our planet. From polluting soil and water to immediate and lasting damage to human health, the number of complications related to this issue grows alongside the problem.

Millions in fines are spent each year by companies who have failed to protect their data, sometimes after data-bearing devices leave their inventory. Technology needs to be securely wiped regardless of its destination after use, be it for storage, re-sale, waste, or passing to another employee, to avoid digital or physical data theft.

Consumer demand for technology is driving a constant stream of new production and manufacturing. To keep up, devices are not always made to last nor accommodate emerging technological advancements. This race drives increasing waste generation as well as the depletion of non-renewable resources for development.

Some of the world’s richest deposits of precious resources lie within landfills, as e-waste harbors a huge inventory of valuable materials perfectly fit for recycling and repurposing, if they were anywhere but a landfill.


How Ingram Micro Lifecycle Supports Circularity

We enable a circular economy for our customers.

In its simplest form, this is how that looks:

a circular economy simplified


Behind the scenes, our process looks more like this:

A detailed diagram of a circular economy that shows how materials can be reused and recycled.


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