Financial Services

To close leases efficiently, rapid checks on returns with controlled grading processes are required ahead of preparing stock for onward use or resale. A fast turnaround is required so assets can be reused or resold, monetizing them as quickly as possible. We provide bespoke professional and technically qualified services aimed at simplifying and maximizing the value of devices at the end of lease.

Bespoke device technical services

Controlled and Accurate Grading

Experienced teams using accredited processes to validate and grade ex-lease stock in the most efficient manner.

Fast Turnaround

Rapid processing to avoid unnecessary stock depreciation, ensuring devices are resold or re-leased as quickly as possible into a secondary market.

Maximizing Value

Underpinned with extensive technical know-how and experience, devices can be cost-effectively refurbished with bespoke tools and processes to maximize value.

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