Asset Management

Let a global network of knowledgeable experts maintain your fleet of IT devices from acquisition all the way through disposition. We provide a full one-stop-shop lifecycle solution supported by an international network to make transitions as efficient as possible. All of our Asset Management services are fully compliant, secure, accredited, and ready to scale along with your business and sustainability goals.



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Portfolio Management


Customer Support

Painless enterprise asset management

Making asset management pain-free for technology and enterprise customers. Our experts have the know-how to advise and deliver a variety of services, ensuring a transparent, joined-up and secure process to maximize the technology lifecycle.

Flexibility & Agility

Properly serving your company’s needs can take a full-service IT team — and that can be too much to host internally. Your IT services need to scale not only with your company’s growth, but alongside the current pace of technological innovation.

Lifecycle Management

Replacing IT assets can be considerably expensive and unnecessarily wasteful, especially when existing assets can still serve your needs. With the right maintenance and expertise, IT services can extend the lifecycle of your technology.

Hassle-Free Solutions

Some asset management tasks are a bit more challenging to mobilize than others. Mergers, lease endings, an overflowing IT storage closet, and even new fleet devices can often be handled more efficiently onsite with a trusted partner.

Depot Services

A comprehensive suite of tailored, interconnected offerings designed to keep your national or global team of employees productive and securely connected to your IT infrastructure. Services include asset configuration and fulfillment, advanced exchange, asset recovery, refurbishment, re-kitting and stocking, and repair.

Depot Services


Minimizing downtime for businesses through rapid collection and repair of devices, issuing replacement devices from inventory to get end users restarted as quickly as possible.

Lifecycle Management

A full suite of support solutions to optimize the cost and customer experience of using technology devices throughout the useful life, including device fulfillment and configuration, to trade-in, end of life take back, and disposition solutions for reuse, resell, or recycle.

Lifecycle Management


Extending the lifecycle of a device through processes that keep the components to a high standard, repairing and replacing when needed, prolonging its useful life.

Field Services

Flexible to your needs, our lifecycle support services can be brought to you via a full range of onsite offerings. From asset audit, installation/deinstallation, and data center services to onsite data erasure and/or storage media destruction, you have the flexibility of determining the best mix of services to meet your requirements.

Field Services


Technicians dispatched to conduct required services at your facility to minimize downtime and enable business as usual to resume as quickly as possible.

DaaS & Lease Funding

Supported by Ingram Micro Financial Services, we have the capability, know-how, financial support, and supply chain management processes to support a leasing/DaaS proposition to enterprises, including sourcing of the product, in-life servicing, and end of life recovery.

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Underpinning our lifecycle extension services with bolted-on funding support to alleviate financial pressures and ease customer cashflow.

Discover our scalable, one-stop-shop device lifecycle solutions for your IT inventory.

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