Revolutionizing Reverse.

We're transforming the mobile reverse logistics industry. 

Introducing a complete mobile diagnostics solution that performs cosmetic grading and diagnostic testing on 480 phones per hour. 

The demand for reverse logistics is growing

Growth in forward logistics, an increase in direct-to-consumer sales and carrier take-back programs for used devices means that more devices are being returned and recovered for resale.


By 2022, the secondary market for mobile devices is projected to exceed $57 billion. 


The secondary market will exceed 290 million devices and have doubled in size from 2017, representing a CAGR of 14.9%.


As many as 40-50% of mobile devices (117-146 million units) will be traded back to carriers for repair, refurbishment and resale.


Secondary market growth is exceeding that of the primary market.

We're all in on Revolutionizing Reverse

In addition to high repair volumes, the bar is being raised when it comes to processing those repairs. Faster diagnostic testing, more sophisticated grading, improved integration between partner and carrier systems and a higher level of functional testing is expected. Performance indexes, score cards and overall quality improvements are standard. Completing this detailed work at scale requires innovation.


Each REV system can process 480 devices per hour, 2M devices per year


REV is 500% more efficient than anything on the market



Starting with REV

REV is our premier technology in Revolutionizing Reverse to meet the growing market demand. It’s a patent-pending automated system that combines software and hardware to speed up the rate of device grading, and improve cost-effectiveness and accuracy.

REV is designed to be flexible and can integrate, manage and automate various line-optimized diagnostic hardware components. It’s ability to perform highly-accurate and fast cosmetic grading on mobile phones is an exclusive capability designed and built by Ingram Micro’s engineers.

Two million devices per year is the power of just one REV, but it doesn’t stop there. REV can be duplicated to meet the demands of even the largest customer.

The REV difference


Reduce costs


Improve quality


Adapt to demand


Fast processing



No training time



Detailed reporting


How it works

REV is a fully automated mobile device processing machine that conducts over 100 functional tests simultaneously and uses sound and light tests to provide a dramatically more accurate cosmetic grade.

REV graphic NEWEST-min

Improves processing time by 500% - each line processes 240 phones per hour (any model, any form factor)

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