Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics services prioritize recovering value from technology and decreasing the cost of servicing devices. We provide fault/fix customer support and prepare unwanted gadgets for reuse elsewhere, guaranteeing secure chains of custody and compliant data wiping.



Lifecycles of Electronics, Data-Bearing Devices, and IT Assets


Value Recovery

Lifecycle Management

For Fleets of B2B Devices

Extending technology lifecycles

Technology that becomes unwanted either due to fault, overstocks or obsolescence doesn’t have to become e-waste. Ingram Micro Lifecycle reverse logistics services enable the recovery of technology before applying technical know-how and expertise to enable lifecycle extension. As your partner, we’ll be able to provide data to support your company’s ESG objectives in terms of carbon emission savings and avoidance.

Fast Turnaround

Processing speed must be high to get the product where it needs to be, either back to the original owner or a new one. This is enabled through expert technical know-how.

Recommerce Possibilities

Efficient access to channels and support infrastructure to resell devices into a variety of channels to enable optimum value return on behalf of business customers.

Customer Retention

End-user satisfaction can be key to keeping businesses running. They need fast repairs to minimize their digital downtime while feeling confident that they’re a priority.

Returns Management

Processing returns in a fast, efficient manner to ensure devices are graded and tested, ready to either reuse or resell, ensuring the least amount of depreciation in value for our clients.

Returns Management


White label returns centers for network operators, OEMs and retailers to monetize returns, facilitating re-use and value recovery.

Repair & Refurbishment

Expert customer logistics and rapid, high quality technical repair and refurbishment processes ensure same day repair on end-user devices, limiting the time customers are without devices the minimum amount of time giving them peace of mind with as service backed by our extensive manufacturer accreditations and operational best practices.

Repair and Refurbishment


Technical processes to enable the lifecycle extension of electronics, promoting a circular economy and reducing electrical waste.

Aftermarket Sales

Enabling a complete service ecosystem for customers across a wide range of devices including trade-in and trade-up programs which optimize value and support retention of customers using our specialized multi-channel sales platforms.

Aftermarket Sales


Reselling designated inventory of stock through an extensive range of sales channels to recover value.

Value Added Services

Additional value added services often provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the provision of their services. Through a consultative sales process, we can propose additional ancillary support solutions to optimize the fulfillment, customer experience and end of life recovery of products in the market.

Value Added Services


Value added services to enhance your competitive service offering to end-user customers.

Technology Trade-In

Multi-channel trade-in options supporting B2C and B2B customers.

Device Trade-In


Innovative omni-channel solutions offer a seamless, transparent trade-in experience within the buying process, delivered through API integration or our white label solution. A full buyback option gives you both a revenue generator and the ability to offer your customers a simple route to sustainably trade-in or recycle a device. Benefit from device value recovery whilst reducing e-waste, reducing abandonment rates, and improving customer satisfaction levels. Available for smartphones or mobile phones, tablets, wearables, earbuds, laptops, and games consoles.

Discover how we can extend your device lifecycles, enhance user experience, and support your ESG objectives.

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