Innovation through robotics

Are you always striving to operate more sustainably, increase efficiency, and improve the standards of work for employees? We are, and know our customers are too.

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, we constantly seek out innovative ways to solve customer problems. What works for one won’t always work for another. That’s why we prefer to strip away the layers and really analyze the specific situation. We thrive on getting to the root cause and finding custom solutions that we know will work. In 2017, our first custom-built robot clocked in for its first day at work. Here’s how we did it.

Convergence of technology

Our task was to develop an innovative solution that would lead to cost reductions, increased efficiencies, consistent outputs, and positive impacts on the health and safety of associates.

We began with initial 3D concepts of what our ideas looked like. We can see side by side how these plans became reality.

Once we had our concepts, 3D printers gave us prototypes with a fast turnaround and on a low investment.

We were able to develop a solution that mixed an array of technologies. These were more cost-effective than the solution currently in place, operating on 25% less electrical consumption, and were easy to integrate.

Our robots were developed to be smaller while still utilizing market-leading technologies in the form of cameras and artificial intelligence.

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Promoting positive health and safety

As the use of automation develops, the question is always asked, “Will this replace humans?”

In our case, we can definitely say, “No.”

Our robots have been designed to work in collaboration with humans. They’re cobots – collaborative robots. This new technology takes away the tasks that our associates may find discomfort with. These are smaller, repetitive actions that require high dexterity.


The benefits of a custom solution built in-house

When facing this project, we knew we had two options. We could outsource the design and build to a third party or keep it in-house. However, only one option would suit the high expectations and standards we set.

We prefer to build our own solutions from the ground up. We understand the customer and their problems better than anyone else. By developing the project in-house, we’re in complete control of the specifications and can make required changes as and when.

We know that what we do and the products we work with are complex. Outsourcing would risk adding complications when communicating to people who don’t have the same expertise.

There are no delays while we wait for an external party to action a request. Our project team is focused on one single solution, rather than multiple projects, streamlining the process.

In the event of a fault, our team is on-site to provide a fix. This reduces any downtime suffered and minimizes the impacts on productivity.


Project successes

The one cobot in 2017 is now part of a whole team of over 60 working in addition to the associates on-site.

We’ve achieved a higher productivity rate by automating movements and decisions with robotics and artificial intelligence. Subjectivity has been removed which reduces the margin of error, saving time and money.

As the solution comes as a package, it’s possible to separate the technologies for different purposes. This means we can see increased efficiencies of anywhere between 30-100%.

“We are extremely proud of our achievements with this journey, where combining several technologies together and demonstrating that pairing the creativity of human intelligence with the speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence, is delivering results beyond our customer’s expectations.”

- Alvaro Da Fonte, Commercial Development Director, Ingram Micro Lifecycle France & Belgium.


Your solutions partner

If you’re facing a problem but unsure how to tackle it without compromising on results, we’re all ears. Adept and fastidious in our approach to problem-solving, we relish the challenge of finding new and innovative solutions.

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