Ingram Micro Lifecycle offers state-of-the-art solutions to address the return, refurbishment, repair, and remarketing of technology products, all to help customers enable a circular economy.


The demand placed on internal IT teams is constantly growing and nearly impossible to keep up with. Forming a partnership with Ingram Micro Lifecycle is beneficial on multiple fronts - from enabling ESG initiatives, lowering end-user costs, preserving client relations, delivering quality results, to executing timely operations. Ingram Micro Lifecycle offers a full suite of sustainable lifecycle extension solutions to meet your market’s unique needs.


The shift to reuse is growing in popularity within Enterprise businesses but implementing these models requires the right Asset Management partner.


Competition is tough - winning new customers is challenging enough but retaining them is getting even tougher as a result of choice and market disruptors.


Driving costs down is a key element to remain competitive in a market that serves as the safety blanket for customers’ essential products.


Customer returns are one of the biggest cost drivers in this market. A partner that can help reduce this cost is paramount to all operations.


If not processed fast and correctly, OEMs will be left with aging returned stock and face huge potential write downs.


Adding lifecycle services to a resellers' portfolio of service offerings helps develop a true IT lifecycle management practice, cementing client relations as a total IT service provider.


Across a multitude of industries, IT needs must be uniquely and precisely met to ensure compliance and enable ESG initiatives. Executing these programs to meet your goals can be internally costly and time-consuming. A partnership with Ingram Micro Lifecycle provides you with access to a full suite of secure, compliant, and comprehensive lifecycle extension solutions that enable circularity within your specific industry.

Financial Services

To close leases efficiently, rapid checks on returns with controlled grading processes are required ahead of preparing stock for onward use or resale. A fast turnaround is required so assets can be reused or resold, monetizing them as quickly as possible. We provide bespoke professional and technically qualified services aimed at simplifying and maximizing the value of devices at the end of lease.


Finding the best way to manage IT infrastructure strategy as efficiently and seamlessly as possible is paramount. This means finding expert IT asset management partners with the know-how to facilitate timely and cost-effective technology refreshes and replacements. As your partner, we can help you manage the lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement through to end of life, freeing up time for you to strategically develop your markets and business while continuously improving processes.


Reduce the overall costs of service and improve your brand's reputation by focusing on cost-efficient and market-leading customer services. Once the product is shipped to the retailer, reseller or operator, connect our specialized and technical capabilities around customer services, forward and reverse logistics to optimize the after-sales service cost associated with your product.


Protecting client-sensitive data is of utmost importance and you need to be compliant in a highly regulated industry, performing to international quality and security standards. IT assets bearing confidential information such as health records must be securely wiped of data at the end of life. As your partner, we’ll provide full and transparent asset tracking with certifications of secure file destruction to provide you with the reassurance required as standard.


In this highly regulated industry, protecting customer data is paramount to the success of your business. A data breach has severe repercussions. To avoid this, you need a reliable partner with transparent asset tracking, recording and full data destruction capabilities.


Protecting customer data is one of the biggest priorities in such a highly regulated industry. Data-bearing devices must be compliantly wiped and destroyed at the end of life so confidential information cannot be recovered. We provide full asset tracking, a secure chain of custody, and data destruction certification for auditing, including IT estate decommissioning, redeployment and remarketing.


Protecting client data is of utmost importance and you need to be compliant in a highly regulated industry, performing to international quality standards. Any partner you choose to work with must provide the highest quality services. We will securely wipe data from end-of-life IT assets delivering detailed, comprehensive reporting and compliance certification for data destruction and waste disposal.