Global ITAD with Redeployment

Global redeployment

The Client

A multinational managed healthcare & insurance company.

Business Challenge

The client required an ITAD partner who could provide:

  • Service in 13 countries across three continents
  • An economical solution for small-volume offices plus redeployment services for all locations
  • Effective remarketing to recoup money on retired assets.

The Ingram Micro Lifecycle Solution

Our comprehensive global solution includes:

  • Service in all target countries with inventory at collection
  • A box program to provide coverage for low-volume locations
  • Dedicated, client-specific ITAD processing lines
  • Collaborative project management to improve program effectivity.

We also ensure that:

  • All assets are processed based on a customized subset drawn from client-specific notification rules embedded into our BlueIQ asset intelligence system
  • Assets that meet the client’s redeployment standards set aside and held for the client
  • All remaining remarketable assets are sold for the highest value while assets without residual value are responsibly recycled
  • The client can easily monitor program details and results generated through an integration with their internal asset management system

Why the Client Chose Our Solution

The client chose us based on our ability to provide a secure, responsive single-source solution with excellent returns in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Additional factors were our unique ability to perform a serialized onsite hardware inventory at pickup around the world and our ability to embed and enforce an extensive list of rules through our proprietary processing system.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Processed over 180,000 assets in 13 countries while reducing costs by 62%
  • System flexibility to support and deliver on 1,400 client-specific processing rules
  • Ability to provide nightly feeds in the client’s unique format

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