A circular economy via lifecycle extension with Raylo

Raylo, a consumer leasing company, is facilitating the reuse of electronic goods in a sustainable, accessible, and affordable way. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.  

Karl Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Raylo stopped by the Ingram Micro Lifecycle facilities to speak to us about the partnership.

Watch the interview below to learn more. 

Raylo seek to challenge the mindset of consumers when it comes to their purchase behaviours. They want to fundamentally change the way customers purchase products, considering a circular economy much earlier. Raylo’s objective is for both merchants and consumers to factor in the circular economy at the point of purchase as opposed to at the end of a product lifecycle.

By focusing on a circular economy from the point of purchase, plans for maximizing the product lifecycle take shape earlier, so the user is already aware of steps to disposition when they no longer have a use for the product.

Ingram Micro Lifecycle has supported Raylo since October 2022 in its goals through its returns management program. Our extensive repair and refurbishment services ensure that the maximum yield is obtained from returned products, ready for re-use. Our access to an extensive network of distribution channels enables value recovery from returns via the secondary market.

“If I had to describe our work with Ingram Micro in three words, I would say collaborative, innovative, and dynamic. There’s a huge amount more we can work with, with Ingram Micro across different elements of the value chain.”

Karl Gilbert, Co-Founder & CEO, Raylo.

"The partnership between Raylo and Ingram Micro Lifecyle is bound by both parties' commitment to the circular economy. Ingram Micro are ideally placed to support Raylo’s immediate and future needs as they scale and grow their business allowing more customers to take advantage of a sustainable and economically beneficial way to own tech. Through the utilization of Ingram Micro’s expertise in reverse logistics, returns management and extending the lifecycle of tech products through accredited repair and refurbishment, we support Raylo’s goals and objectives to increase their subscriber base and control costs. I am particularly pleased that we have begun on a truly circular journey with a market-leading player in the DaaS field."

Simon Price, Sales Director UK, Ingram Micro Lifecycle.

Through this collaboration, Raylo and their customers see a reduction in carbon emissions and also in e-waste, as products are reused, saved from going to landfill or left unwanted in storage.

For the future, Raylo has plans to expand its product categories, offer an alternative customer payment model unique to its service, and continue innovating in the provision of additional services.

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