Sustainability with Returns of CPE

Ingram Micro Lifecycle services enable the recovery and reuse of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), improving user satisfaction and supporting sustainability efforts through process efficiencies and waste reduction. 

cpe robot

Streamlining processes and maximizing efficiencies

With the agility and technical know-how to adapt processes, the recovery of equipment has been elevated with the assistance of cobots. These are specially-designed robots that work collaboratively with technicians.

We listened to our customers pain points and designed an innovative solution involving market-leading technologies, such as cameras and artificial intelligence, to deliver cost reductions, increased efficiencies, consistent outputs, and positive impacts on the health and safety of technicians.

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Sustainability through returns and refurbishment

Through effective returns management, Ingram Micro Lifecycle enabled one customer demonstrative results towards their sustainability objectives. The strategic relationship increased the volume of CPE that was refurbished and issued to customers. This enabled the re-use of technology, avoiding the use of raw materials and avoiding CO2e from the manufacture of new.

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Technicians discuss CPE

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